With thanks to our partners, we have been able to translate our central climate liturgy, thematic prayers and prayer posters into a few different languages (bottom of page). We also invite you to share your prayers with us on social media or by contacting us directly.

Central Climate Liturgy

The language of this liturgy was developed by Young Evangelicals for Climate Action for a prayer gathering at the 2014 People's Climate March in New York City. For the 2016 Global Day of Prayer for Climate Action, the liturgy will be translated into multiple languages.

Thematic Prayers  

We provide three thematic prayers that were used in our first Day of Prayer. The first lifts up our many political leaders to God as they seek to care for God's creation and advocate for climate action. The second is a prayer for those bearing the burden of the negative impacts of climate change. The third is a prayer of repentance, as we ask forgiveness for our sin of degrading God's creation. 

Prayer Guides

We provide a prayer guide in two formats (here and here) which outline key areas of need for prayer. Each can be used for individual prayer or at a prayer gathering with others. 

Day of Prayer Posters 

We want to show how many Christians are coming together in prayer to respond to the challenge of climate change!

Fill out the prayer bubble and take a “selfie” with your climate prayer. Then

  • Upload to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Be sure to use the hashtag #Pray4Climate


Then, be sure to look for your climate prayer on our website, Facebook and Twitter.


Dutch (with thanks to Veraniek Veldstra and A Rocha Netherlands/Climate Stewards)  

Español (with thanks to Alicia Enders and A Rocha Peru) 

 Haitian Kreyol (with thanks to Marc Antoine and Tearfund Haiti)