We encourage you to tweet, share, and post your climate prayers though the Climate Prayer Network. We have also provided climate prayer posters on our Resources page that you can use in your post. 

The Climate Prayer Network distributes prayer requests primarily through Twitter and on Facebook. We invite you to incorporate these prayer requests into your daily prayer life. If you wish to show support for a particular prayer, you can “favorite” or “retweet” a prayer request.

We also acknowledge the power of prayers said in private, therefore we encourage discretion when discerning when and if to share prayers on social media.

To share a prayer request, please use the following Twitter handles and hashtags: 

climateprayer.pngInternational @ClimatePrayer

The original @ClimatePrayer Twitter feed was created in March 2009 as part of A Rocha’s Climate Stewards program. The Twitter feed and corresponding Facebook page are now independently operated.

usa-half-2.pngUnited States –  @ClimatePrayerUS

Recognizing a need to surround their movement in prayer, the United States-based movement Young Evangelicals for Climate Action partnered with @ClimatePrayer to launch the @ClimatePrayerUS Twitter feed in February 2014.

Screen_Shot_2016-02-20_at_3.05.12_PM.pngDay of Prayer Facebook Page

The facebook presence for the Day of Prayer for Climate Action was created during the first Global Day of Prayer (GDOP) for Climate Action in April 2016.  This page gathers prayers and event updates for the 2016 GDOP for Climate Action as well as any future climate action prayer events.

Hashtags for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook -


When posting about the 2016 GDOP for Climate Action, please use the following hashtag: #Pray4Climate. We have also provided climate prayer posters that you can take your photo with on our Resources page.