Sponsoring Organizations

 A Rocha International (ARI) 


A Rocha International (ARI) operates as the body that supports A Rocha National Organizations and Associated Projects in over nineteen countries around the world, publicising the work at an international level and fostering the emergence of new initiatives.  At the national level, A Rocha responds to the global crisis of biodiversity loss through community-based conservation projects, residential field study centres, site-based projects and wider advocacy.  ARI commits to these five Christian values: Conservation; Community-based; intentionally Cross-cultural and Cooperative in approach. For more information, contact Chris Naylor, Executive Director. 



Originally a project of Climate Stewards in the United Kingdom, Climate Prayer began to operate independently in March 2009 under Brendan Bowles. Three times per day, @climateprayer tweets prayer requests for the world’s climate. The Twitter account Climate Prayer has over 3,400 followers and as of the writing of this description, has sent more than 8,000 tweets. For more information, contact Brendan

Evangelical Environmental Network


 The Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN) is a ministry that educates, inspires, and mobilizes Christians in their effort to care for God’s creation, to be faithful stewards of God’s provision, to get involved in regions of the United States and the World impacted by pollution, and to advocate for actions and policies that honor God and protect the environment.

Founded in 1993, EEN’s work is grounded in the Bible’s teaching on the responsibility of God’s people to “tend the garden” and in a desire to be faithful to Jesus Christ and to follow Him. EEN publishes materials to equip and inspire individuals, families, and churches; and seeks to educate and mobilize Christians to make a difference in their churches and communities, and to speak out on national and international policies that affect our ability to preach the Gospel, protect life, and care for God’s Creation. For more information, contact Alexei Laushkin, Vice-President of EEN. 

 Lausanne/WEA Creation Care Network (LWCCN)


The Lausanne/WEA Creation Care Network exists to empower Christian individuals and churches all over the globe to take action on creation care.  In November of 2012, 53 delegates from 25 countries convened in Jamaica to decide what the Lausanne Movement needed to accomplish next in order to care for creation. Together, the delegates wrote the Jamaica Call to Action, which outlines 10 specific steps that must be taken, along with an urgent call to prayer.  Regional conferences around the globe are highlighting the Jamaica Call to Action and catalysing creation care action in over 40 countries, with more conferences planned for late 2016 and 2017.  In 2016, the World Evangelical Alliance formally became a co-sponsor of the movement. For more information, contact Ed Brown, Lausanne Catalyst for Creation Care. 

Young Evangelicals for Climate Action


Young Evangelicals for Climate Action (YECA) is a US-based organization that focuses on mobilizing individuals under the age of 30 to take action to overcome the climate crisis as part of their Christian discipleship and witness. Their three-part strategy involves mobilizing their peers, encouraging senior evangelical leaders to lead by example in addressing climate change, and holding elected officials accountable to enact responsible and comprehensive climate policy. EEN is the parent organization for YECA and provides financial backing, technical assistance, professional mentoring, and spiritual guidance to the Steering Committee. For more information, contact Brittany Ederer, YECA Communications Coordinator.